5 May 2014

Gardening - Update on the bees

Its seems that they will be leaving this evening.......

After Leslie and Abigail collected the bees yesterday, they were carefully put into a new nucleus and the others hives checked.  Whilst walking back to the house Abigail removed her veil and received 2 bee stings to her head and ear.  She thought nothing of it, took some medication and went home but within 40 minutes she had a severe reaction and ended up in A&E.  It turns out that she is now hypersensitive to bee stings, so they can't risk keeping them.

To be honest whilst it is sad to see them go, they went for me again whilst I was in the greenhouse this morning and Peter got chased again, and his arm is really swollen from yesterdays stings.  Its no pleasure down the end of the garden at the moment, they obviously aren't happy.  I think they will be much happier in a farm setting away from people.  And I will be happier knowing that the boys can play in the garden without the fear of bee stings.

BTW - the chickens keep making a bid for freedom, their new run extension arrives tomorrow

How pretty are these flowers on my bay tree?

And the promised of figs this year.  Lots have over-wintered so we are keeping our fingers crossed


  1. My parents found bees had made their home in an old nesting box a couple of years back. Fortunately they were sited down the end of the garden so didn't cause a problem at all. The guy I telephoned for advice said they wouldn't be harmful but I was worried about my grand daughters playing in the garden. The bees eventually flew off and have never returned.

  2. I think that will be a relief, not having the bees so close by.

  3. Hmmm...I was thinking of getting bees. Maybe I should think a bit longer.
    We planted a fig this spring, but I have yet to see any sign of life on it. Maybe I should think a bit harder on that.
    Love your hens. Amazingly, we still have all of ours.

  4. I didn't know you could develop that kind of sensitivity. There's a big fig tree near us, that also has a lot of overwintered fruit - now I shall be watching it much more closely :)


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