25 May 2014

Knitting - Provence Cardigan

Up early this morning so I completed my latest project

Yarn - Rico Essential Cotton DK
Buttons - charity shop

My modifications to this pattern were to knitted the front bands as I went. So much easier than picking up and knitting bands.  The one thing in knitting I really  hate is picking up. I'm never really happy with the results, trying to judge that you have the stitches evenly spaced. Does anyone have any good tips?

My yarn arrived on Friday, so happy with the colours. So happy that I have found a UK stockist for this yarn too - Wool Warehouse.  Prompt service too, and cheaper than a flight to the USA - where I first found it - but not so much fun! Can you believe its a year since we last went. For memories of that trip check here, here and here.  I am hoping that we can get together again in 2014 or if not early 2015.

Rufus wants this one for a scarf


  1. Lovely cardigan - I really like the Rico Cottons :)

  2. Happy One Year dear friend!

  3. I have exactly the same issues when I knit cardigans, that's why I like to knit drops patterns because they generally do include the front bands in with the main garment. Mind you, I sometimes find the patterns boggling and takes me a while to get to grips with them.I suppose this all adds to the fun of knitting!
    Your little jacket if very pretty and your new yarn is very colourful!


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