5 May 2014

Knitting - things to come

On Saturday evening I had an evening off knitting, but spent my time going through patterns.  I chose 12.  Yesterday morning I teamed said patterns up with yarn.  The plan is to knit a few items to enter into the village show next month.  The theme is Childhood so baby items are ideal for this, then Jessica gets the resulting items.  I will be knitting the next size up for her, so these will be for the autumn.  There is a real assortment, cardigans, sweaters, pinafore dresses and tunics.  There is so much more to knit for a little girl.

I have started off with this short sleeved cardigan which features a collar and waist shaping.  The yarn I am using is Sirdar Click Aran with wool, in a mixed colourway.

As you will see most of the yarn is vibrant in colour, though you can note some pink and cream.  Of course if any of these items aren't liked by Miss J then they will always be found a good home elsewhere

Super Natural stripes - this one I know will be loved, its already a firm favourite

Also Smockie, knitted this one lots of times, love the colour of this yarn

This one has been knitted a few times but not yet for Miss J

Looking at the colours laid out, I think I may need to swap out some of the petrol blues as there seems to be a few of them.  Anyway I shall be busy for the foreseeable future, and at least they are all bagged up now and ready just to pick up and go.


  1. Can I pick out a favorite now or must I wait until you actually work them up??

  2. I see a little bit of New York in there! Lovely patterns and yarn choices.

  3. That'll keep you going for a little while :) Did you make that quilt yourself ? :)


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