7 May 2014

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

As I mentioned earlier this week I have a whole stack of patterns and yarn put together.  Here is the first cardigan

This is the pattern, it came from a Yours Magazine a while back, sorry no idea which issue.  The yarn I'm using is Sirdar Click Aran with Wool.  I love how quickly aran weight knits up, this should be finished this evening, so far its only taken 75 grams of yarn.

BTW - There seems to be a problem with Blogger not sending all your comments to my email account, so please accept my apologies if I miss your comments.  I will try to keep going back to the post to check.  Very annoying


  1. That's so cute, and I just love the colors in the yarn. It will look precious on a little one.

    1. Thank you Deborah, daughter is very happy with colour

  2. Adorable, the colours are divine.

  3. That is just precious. The bright colors are so perfect for a baby!

  4. It's gorgeous, I love the yarn!

  5. Great yarn and pattern!

  6. It looks so cute. I am pretty sure I have knit something similar before too in that pattern.

  7. I love that multicolored yarn. Pretty sweater.


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