19 May 2014

Some stash busting

I bet by the title of this post you thought I was talking about yarn.  But no, hubby got to do some stash busting yesterday when we built a permanent run for the 'girls'.

He has wood, screws/nails, and various odds and ends of ironmongery in his 'man cave'. He can usually put his hands on what he needs.  Its a case of "you never know when that will come in handy" with him.  I call it junk or a huge mess........ anyway back to the run.

The only item purchased for this run was a roll of chicken wire which cost £32.00, and we still have a fair bit left.  The project took the whole of the day to build and install.  It was good to work on something together. There were only a few cross words, which was a bonus.  I even got to dig a post hole, just to prove that I could.

We gave the girls the run of the garden whilst we got on, though they did need to be steered away from the veg patch a few times!

Today I spent the afternoon painting the gate and posts.  One thing I learnt is not to wear "crocs" with inquisitive chickens about.  My toes appeared to be very appealing, forcing a footwear change mid job!!

Anyway here is the finished run complete with some Harley Davidson bunting (found this in his man cave, it was liberated from a rally a few years ago, some beer had been drunk), hopefully the flapping will distract any would be predators

Not a bad days work if I say so myself and hopefully the girls will enjoy the extra space to run around


  1. Gosh, even the chickens at your house get four star treatment! this looks great. They should certainly like it and set to work laying up a storm!

  2. You have a "man cave". I have a "boat shed". Like yours mine is full of things that could turn out to be very useful, at some point.
    You have created a great space for your girls!

  3. Love the chicken house - blue & white, so cool ! Nice job - most chicken runs I've seen look ..shonky....to say the least. Not yours, though :) x

  4. The liberated bunting is perfect. Great job you two. BUT....I have been waiting for a few post holes to be dug and now it looks like I am going to have to do it myself. Just to prove I can. Thanks my friend.


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