30 June 2014

Gardening - June beauty

With all the knitting lately, I have been neglecting the garden.  The flowers happily run riot but the veg patch is sadly overshadowed by the trees this year even after our recent major pruning efforts.  I think we will need to rethink the positioning of parts of our garden in the autumn.  

Hopefully we will get some benefits from the work we put in.  The courgettes are coming along, as are the various bean varieties.  The birds have almost finished off the peas before they got started!  Salad leaves and spinach are going to seed and need a cut back.  Onion are doing fine.  Our tomatoes we have in the greenhouse and also up by the house in tubs, hoping that we stay blight free this year.  Potatoes, well we didn't actually plant any, but they seem to be coming up all over the place, I'm thinking that there must have been a few left behind and they got distributed about when the rotavating was being done.

Until the next time, have fun in the sun and enjoy the garden


  1. We were only away 11 days and our garden run riot. Our few peas shrivelled and died and we only planted out our courgette plants out yesterday so not sure what will happen with them.
    It is really love to have something to eat that is homegrown so I wish you luck with all of yours.

  2. We were out in the garden, too, this weekend, putting an edging around the fern bed. The mosquitoes had quite a feast even though I wore bug spray. Still some clean-up to do round there, but it's rained every day, so it's a bit muddy. Your flowers are looking cheerful!


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