5 June 2014

Knitting - an experiment

Friends of my daughter have just taken over a soft play business in Stamford, its called The Yard.  They have a really nifty logo which I thought would lend itself nicely on a hat.

First I copied their logo

I then ran it through a pattern generator - I used Stitchboard.com wizard.  It is very simple to use and is ideal for knitting or cross stitch.  I limited my request to 10 colours, otherwise it gets a bit crazy.

Once I printed it out, I enlarged it on the photocopier and then just tweaked it a bit to get a final chart I was happy with. This also made it easier to follow as it was larger, eyes aren't what they were!

I took a basic beanie pattern, using oddments of DK from my stash and 4mm needles, casting on 102 stitches. The THE, eyes and legs I sewed on afterwards.

I stranded this, but think I should maybe have done it with intarsia as its a bit bunchy.  The features aren't too great either, though will maybe look better once I've blocked it - (it did but didn't take any photos)

Not sure I'd want to make anymore of these but it proved that anything is possible to knit.  So if you have a favourite picture that isn't too detailed then give it a go.


  1. Clever, clever Sue! Oh the possibilities...

  2. I've never used a pattern generator before. What a brilliant idea!


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