7 June 2014

Knitting - Shoal of Ganseys

Our morning started sitting in bed listening to the thunder, no rain at that point but plenty of noise.  We hit to road to Sheringham and about 30 mins from home we ran in to this

then this

then this

fortunately as we got closer to the coast it stopped and we arrived in Sheringham to heavy grey skies but dry.

The exhibition at The Mo was very good and its a lovely museum with lots of interesting things besides the Gansey exhibition.  Peter was fully occupied.  It was a pleasant walk round, not crowded and apart from a couple of "know it all" a fun hour.  It was so funny Peter and I were round one side of this display

when I commented that some of the jumpers were machine knitted.  "Oh no they aren't" announces Mrs Know-it-all, they are hand-knitted! "Really" says I, "then these display cards must be wrong as they say machine knitted here".  Mr Know-it-all then comes over and rather than believe me he takes a look before agreeing they were wrong!!!!  You wouldn't believe the rubbish they had be spouting previously to this. It was really satisfying to bring these people down a peg or two.

Here are a few collage photos of the displays

As I said there were lots of other things to look at here's just a few

When we came out we popped into the yarn market which was neither here nor there, and hardly worth the bother, very crowded and not much to see.  Also it was raining again!! We managed to pick up some fresh dressed crabs before heading back to the car

Did I warn you this was a photo heavy post?

We jumped into the car and headed out along the north norfolk coast road, stopping at the Dun Cow in Salthouse for lunch

pint of Woodfordes shandy for me
warm Summer Salad
Sweetbreads for Peter, bit blurry I'm afraid
We stopped at the Smokehouse in Cley for smoked fish and an ice cream from Picnic Fayre, and by the time we hit Old Hunstanton it was...........

but it soon cleared over and we managed a walk through the Sensory Gardens to enjoy the roses

and finally some sunshine

 washed down with a pot of tea and a cake.

All in all a lovely and enjoyable day, whats a bit of rain when all is said and done


  1. Wow, what an amazing place to visit. I'd sure like to get a look at those ganseys and all the historical things. The food looks delicious. I just love the sea and it's been a long time since I've seen one. You were fortunate to have such a wonderful day, even with the rain.

  2. Well it saves bathing when you get home after all!
    I saw the ganseys in Hull when they were there, such creativity and well worth seeing.
    Hmmm whitebait Yummy!

  3. I love Hunstanton, such a peaceful place : ) Was that posh tea in the hotel ? I can't eat whitebait, can't eat anything that's looking at me :D

  4. I am already coming. You don't have to dangle all this bait in front of me!

  5. At least you got a bit of sunshine! What a neat exhibit. The sweaters are wonderful -- even if some of them are machine made! :)

  6. That looks like an interesting exhibition. Shame about the rain but at least it didn't stop you doing lots of nice things.

  7. The rain was bad but the rest of the day looked perfect!


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