24 June 2014

Weekend - almost forgot

I was reminded this morning that I hadn't done a round up of the weekend.  It was busy one.  Grandchildren, Festival, Party, Visitors of all kinds.

In no particular order

Party at the Yard in Stamford - brilliant venue for a children's party and great coffee and cake for the adults. They even have Sunday papers.


  1. A fun weekend in the sunshine for you all. Congratulations on your prize!

  2. Wonderful. Just wonderful. All of it. (well, maybe not the big slithery thing)

  3. First off, what a great dinosaur cake. Love that. And it looks like a fun weekend all around. There seem to be quite a few interesting parades in your area. Congratulations on the jam. And if your little sweater didn't win an award, too, I am astonished.

  4. I'm amazed you have time for knitting in the midst of all your activities! Congrats on winning the ribbon for your jam. If there had been a category to enter babies I'm quite sure Jessica would have won a ribbon as well. :-)


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