29 July 2014

A bit of elbow grease

Remember the little stash of goodies we bought back from France

On Sunday I spent an hour and a half working on the pans, this was the result, not the best but a whole lot better than they were.  I also used some Hammerite paint and redid the handles.  I guess a few more going over with the Brasso and some scotchbrite should do the trick

Sunday afternoon, I picked a few flowers from the garden

Did a bit of border tidying.  The grass is starting to lose its colour in the heat.  26C again today, this week was supposed to be cooler

Trimmed the leaves of the ripening tomatoes

Finished off a couple of projects

Lion Brand - Bunny Blanket Buddy, using 3 strands DK held together
Laurie's striped sweater
Cast on a new project from the new Love Knitting for Baby magazine. I will share the photos tomorrow.

Bye for now...


  1. Oh wow! Your garden is simply exploding with wonderfulness! Those tomatoes look like they should be in a seed catalog they look so perfect. Those pots look like an amazing find, I'll bet they've seen some history.

  2. That bunny blanket buddy is so cute!
    Your garden does look beautiful, everything is growing so well this year I think, probably because of all that rain in the winter months and now all the wonderful sunshine we have been having. ( I refrained from saying, are having, just incase, our weather takes a nose dive!)

  3. I promise to help tidy the borders with you...save some work for me.


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