22 July 2014

Holiday - Carcassonne

High on a hill stands a fairytale castle 
  like something a child would draw.  

I love it 

Its the second we have been. 
It didn't disappoint 
though the weather could have been kinder

After our initial walk around 
a stop for coffee 
and then some lunch - apparently my cassoulet is better

we paid to walk the battlements
that too was fun, though a tad scary at times

The French don't seem to worry about health and safety

You need to have a head for heights

 and watch out for the pigeons

and ALL the tourists 
yes I know we were there too!

Want to see some photos

Here they come ........

see what I mean about health and safety - kids were running around these!

Wondering about all those letters earlier on, they come from here, not a great shot but I couldn't fit it all in.  They tell the history

Carcassonne new town was pleasant, when I say new, its pretty old too. Check out the links at the start of the post for the history bits.  It has a great market on a Saturday, busy, but some amazing produce. Here are some random shots of old buildings etc that we spotted whilst wandering around.

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