16 July 2014

Holiday - Markets

One thing the French do really really well are markets.  I love a market and French ones are so colourful. Its makes me so envious of all the wonderful fresh produce they can buy on a daily basis.  You are never far from a market any day in France.  So well worth checking out.

Mirepoix market is one we have visited before and it has never failed to make us smile.  Mirepoix is a beautiful medieval town and the buildings are something to behold.

They also have Vide Greniers on a Sunday - which are like a UK car boot sale - but they attract lots of dealers from Brocantes so there are bargains to pick up.  We went to several and managed to pick up this little haul for 32 euros (£25 or $43).  Really excited about the copper pans.

I'll let you see them again once they are cleaned up, we plan to have them in the barn.

Whilst we were in the Mirepoix area we visited a lovely village called Fanjeaux - you certainly need to be fit to live in some of these villages!!

see the snow on the mountains
So much to tell you about - Carcassone Le Cite, walking, local marble, Minerve, Canal du Midi, food and resturants and I'm sure lots more that my photographs will prompt me about - I took 758....


  1. Oh Sue. How did you ever manage to go home? So beautiful.The markets, the copper pots find, the villages....the shepherd and sheep sign,,,,all of it just awesome! I am really happy for you!

  2. Welcome home, Sue! You pictures are beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more about your holiday!

  3. Wonderful, more photos, they are great.
    French markets are amazing and the one thing about France is, that you can take the car and bring home loads of goodies.
    Thank you for the advise on walking poles, I am going to treat myself next time we plan a long walk down a steep hill, much better than 2 wonky tree branches!


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