17 July 2014

Holiday - some walking

Part of holidaying in France, is we love the challenge of a walk or two.  When I say challenge, its all about following the written instructions along with the marker posts etc and not getting lost.

We did three documented walks, two of which we managed without a hitch the third we tried twice and got lost both times, the second time taking us miles out of our way!!

The views were amazing and the hills something to behold.

it kept going up, you can see where we had been

Citou castle

old marble quarry

Next installment will be walking along the Canal du Midi and climbing to Lastours Chateau


  1. I've really enjoyed looking at your sunny photos of your walks this morning as a thunderstorm crashed around outside.

  2. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated just looking at the photos. Wow...what an amazing experience.


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