21 July 2014

Weekend - where we tried to stay cool

It was a hot weekend. Humid and hot and at times grey and wet, but still hot. Cambridge missed a lot of the storms for which I am grateful.

We had the boys and had planned to take them to a zoo, neither Peter or I fancied having them cooped up in the car for a long journey then a hot walk round, especially when I checked out their website and it said that they would be keeping some of the animals in due to heat.  Instead we went local and took them to Milton Country Park. Saturday started out grey and we did get a bit of rain just as we were driving to the park.  So lunch was undercover but by the time we had finished the sun was out and they were able to play.

Laurie loves a muddy puddle

Once home we set up a new pool that I quickly grabbed in Tesco, didn't really take in the fact it would be so large - took nearly 2 hours to fill!!  Thank goodness for naps thats all I can say

They were back out in it early on Sunday morning and were joined by Rachel and co

I'll spare you the nudey shots but I think Jess's face says it all

BOYS, put your clothes on!!!


  1. Yes, that definitely is a "boys do you have to?" face.
    Everyone looks like they had a great deal of cool fun!

  2. I think I know exactly how Jess feels!
    Wonderful post Sue...as always!

  3. I bet that pool gets lots of use this summer! I love the look on Jessica's face! And the hat you made her is so cute. :-)


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