6 August 2014

Knitting - Keeping the Great War Solider Warm

This morning my daughter sent me some information about a book she thought I may be interested in. I went straight onto Amazon and have ordered my copy.  Looking forward to reading it, hope some of you will too

Knitting For Tommy: Keeping the Great War Soldier Warm by Lucinda Gosling, tells the story of the millions of women who joined the national mania for knitting during the First World War.  Published 1st August, this £9.99 paperback original describes how an army of women knitted for victory during the First World War and kept Tommy warm on the front line.
During the First World War a knitting craze swept across Britain, as women everywhere set to work to ‘kit out’ their Tommies with socks, mittens, balaclavas, vests, jumpers and all manner of knitwear – some more graciously received than others!  Millions of socks were sent from the Home Front to the fighting fronts in a bid to wage war on the dreaded ‘trench foot’ and thoughtful knitters would often tuck a love note or simple message into parcels to offer extra cheer to the soldier far from home.
Knitting for Tommy explores the knitting craze through magazine adverts, postcards, cartoons and photographs of the day, as well as offering a guide to kitting out your own First World War Tommy using original knitting patterns.

  • Millions of women joined the national mania for knitting during the First World War.
  • Packed with original adverts, posters and photographs.
  • Includes ‘how to’ guides for knitting socks, mittens and balaclavas for the First World War Tommy.
  • Explores how Britain started the craze that swept across to America and Canada.

Lucinda Gosling is a historical specialist at Mary Evans Picture Library.  She has contributed to a variety of publications including History TodayMajesty and Illustration magazine. She is author of several books such as Brushes & Bayonets, Debutantes & the London SeasonRoyal Coronations and Great War Britain. She lives in London.


  1. That book sounds fascinating, the author must have had to do a lot of research!

  2. One to look out for, I think. Thanks!

  3. My MIL knit for victory, which is probably why she refused to knit socks the rest of her life. She said they sit under the kitchen table (when sirens went off) and keep on knitting.

  4. Thanks for letting us know about this book. It definitely sounds like one I would like to have on my shelves. Also, I meant to comment on your last post and say your "tigers" were very cute. :-)

  5. Hope you enjoy it - the author!


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