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20 August 2014

Knitting - WIP and food for free

This week I am working on a sweater for our eldest grandson.  He wanted orange but we are making a compromise, navy with orange and cream stripes. Hopefully I will have this done by the weekend when they come to stay, so I will get him to model it.  The yarn is King Cole Big Value DK, pattern is just a basic drop shoulder.

Now for the food for free - hubby and I have been very good this past 2 weeks, walking before dinner. Today he spotted this puff ball mushroom in the meadow.  This will make some good eating

Whilst on the subject of eating, I'll share tonights dinner, it looked so lovely when I dished it up.  It also tasted pretty good too.


  1. This comement relates to a comment on m Field and Fen, sorry, but it seems to be impossible to get an email address for you! I wanted to thank you for the input on the mystery tree. But it remains a mystery, since your suggestion is of a tree that is not found in the US, and is edible. As I had said, this one is so totally inedible that no bird, no squirrel, will touch it. I tried a little bit and the astringency was actually so bad it hurt! so I continue to search. All suggestions gratefully received.

  2. Yum! That is a really interesting mushroom, I didn't know those were edible. That color combination is a great compromise, it will look great!

  3. Auburn colors. My knitting list just keeps getting longer.
    I'll be by for dinner soon.

  4. I'd be afraid of a found mushroom; I am such a chicken. But I wouldn't know a good one from a poisonous one. Nice colors in the sweater.

  5. Great colours in the sweater stripes! I'm sure your grandson will be very happy with the result. As for the mushroom, you are a much braver person than me. I would never, ever eat a wild mushroom. Even if it was the tastiest thing ever, the fear would take away all my enjoyment. :-)

  6. A colorful jumper, just right for autumn and a colorful dinner that looks yummy!

  7. Those are the colors of our baseball team the Detroit Tigers.


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