8 August 2014

Making use of a wet afternoon

Today we have had storms - rain, thunder, lightning, flooding (luckily not us, though it turns out several friends weren't so lucky).  What to do on a wet afternoon?

Peter brought home a bag of greengages yesterday so I decided to make a spot of jam, there were only 2lbs but it made 4 jars.

I had also picked a whole mess of runner beans, funnily I'm actually tired of them already, so I turned another 2lbs into some spiced pickled beans - Delia's recipe, always good.  I would have made more but didn't have enough vinegar.

The weather has calmed down for now, and looks ok for tomorrow but Sunday we have the threat of Hurricane Bertha's remnants, so we are making contingency plans for a meetup which has been planned for weeks with friends at Burghley Park.

I hope you keep dry this weekend and have fun with whatever you are doing


  1. We've spent so much time outdoors this summer that, dare I say it, when the rain does come, it's actually fun to do something indoors. Your jam and pickled beans sounds good!
    I think this hurricane has got a real cheek turning up and upsetting what has been such a wonderful summer especially when we all have plans for this weekend. Whatever you do, enjoy it!

  2. I hope the weather works out for your outing! Those little canned goods look so perfect and adorable!


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