1 September 2014

Family - more from the weekend

It has been a busy weekend, - the meetup on Saturday, a visit to my parents on Friday, a long walk, blackberry picking/jam making yesterday.  I'm sure I go to work just for a rest, lets hope the boss never reads this!

Friday - Rachel and I took Jess to visit her great grandparents, we had a lovely day, and Jess was pure entertainment, dishing out lots of smiles and charming them both. I shall be very glad when the improvements to the A11 are finished as it took us over 2 hours to get home and Miss J was a very unhappy little girl for the stationary portion of the journey.  Normal journey time is around 1 hour 10mins.

on the train with great-grandad

Girls - 4 generations

Sunday - we decided to take ourselves off for a walk and pick some blackberries.  There are so many about this year, and as we are completely out of blackberry jam - Ru's favourite - I needed to restock.

we picked just under 6lbs
 We had a lovely walk, picked some wild hops, saw some wild bees, and just enjoyed the sunshine, a pub lunch and one anothers company

Chicken of the woods
Bell vine
wild bees - bottom of the opening

Scampi, chips and mushy peas
have man why carry - see his hands are still free
"water sausages" - according to Rufus
Granny jam - blackberry and apple
All in all it was a great weekend, no plans for this weekend coming. I'm sure there will be plenty to do, there always is. Lots of garden jobs. The weather is supposed to stay warm, though currently its pouring with rain.

Oh before I forget, here's a bit of knitting I've not shared

a basic beanie I forget to show you finished
Aviatrix hat - love this have another on the go now
a spare bunny for Miss J as its a firm favourite
and nothing worse than losing a favourite, especially at bedtime!


  1. I think we are very lucky to have great grandparents in our families, but I wonder are you like us?
    We are Granny and Grandad and Grandma and Grandpa but when the family get together we all get our names in such a muddle.
    You have taken some delightful photos!

  2. So much to love here! I love these posts and getting filled in on all the excitement! Those blackberries look gorgeous, they are small enough to be a wild variety. So many pretty knits too, you are very good at capturing knits on photo.

  3. Looks like perfection. All of it.
    'Water sausage' had me chuckling almost as much as the sight of your vine carrier.

  4. Another busy weekend for you and your family!! Miss J is as cute as ever and no doubt she will love the pink bunny blanket. She is obviously well loved. Yours is a wonderful family. Lot's to see and do on your Sunday walk. How wonderful that you can all spend it together. xx


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