4 September 2014

Knitting - more stash busting

I have finally got to the end of the bag of blue yarn, just a few oddments left that will do for fairisle. I decided to look through my stash and sort out all those started balls and bag them up into colourways.  More hats are on the horizon.  I enjoy knitting them and its good to see what changes you can come up with to make them all look a bit different.

I managed 8 hats and the blanket bunny from the blues.  This is the final one

This is the yarn I will be knitting up, all double knit weight, mainly acrylic, perhaps the odd bit of cotton or wool in the mix here and there

A friend commented on Facebook - every great artist has their "blue" period - so here is mine


  1. They are really brilliant and will be so needed as the colder weather approaches. I love all the designs!

  2. So much blue! But each of them is beautiful!

  3. Blue is my favourite colour. Which means I have a lot of it in my stash. Lovely knits, Sue!

  4. I like all the hats, but I think I especially like the aviator ones (with the strap). Darling.


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