4 October 2014

FO's on a Saturday

I have started this weekend with two finished projects.  Its a satisfying feeling, especially when I have just two more hats to complete for the holiday project, then I can work on something else.

The ten stitch has been on the go since June and I'm actually glad to see the back of it.  The finished size is 50" x 50"and it used 1380 grams of yarn.  The yarn was an assortment from stash, held together to make a chunky yarn, thus giving the tweed effect.  I added the flower to the middle as I wasn't keen on the initial green.  This will be for Jess to play on as they have laminate floors which are a bit cool in the winter months.

I also completed a hat - 1 hour Hat with Bobbles by Stefanie Japel for Craftsy.  I can tell you, I couldn't knit this in an hour, took me more like two, but then I didn't sit at it religiously.  Pleased with the end result.  I expect my youngest will claim it.

To give you a laugh - I left the hat on the head form last night and it gave my husband a real fright this morning when he came downstairs to find it sitting on the back of the sofa!  Must admit these heads are kind of freaky

Having a quiet weekend, the weather doesn't look promising, I currently have washing out but keeping an eye on the weather.  Hope you all have a peaceful weekend.....


  1. The play mat looks great and the hat is so unusual. I like it!
    I'm ploughing on with my chevron blanket but I think i'm going to feel the same as you as I approach the finishing post.

  2. Sue, I don't know your age, but at 65, my thumbs are giving me problems if I knit for more than an hour at a time. How do you manage to knit so much?! I admire your efficiency, and I love seeing your lovely creations. Your family is blessed!

    1. Many thanks for your kind comment. At 58 I find I am still ok pain wise, some days the odd twinge. I knit every evening, its what keeps me awake!!

  3. The throw is wonderful. I like the tweedy effect. And the hat -- another winner! Love the bobbles.


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