6 October 2014

Just a few tomatoes

I took 6lbs of these this afternoon and turned them into some spicy tomato chutney, using up some dates and figs that had been sitting around for a while.  Sweet, hot and very tasty.

Now need to decide what to do with the rest, those in the colander still need dealing with. Any suggestions?


  1. tomato paste? that uses a lot. Spaghetti sauce? nothing better than homemade, unless it's your homemade chutney.

  2. I made this recipe several times this past summer. It is delicious! I recommend cooking it at a lower temperature than the recipe says though.


  3. More chutney. I'll be by to pick it up.

  4. i think the roasted tomato sauce sounds good.
    Last year with my left over tomatoes I made soup using a ham hock to make the stock, that was tasty!


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