24 October 2014

Knitting and stuff

Goodness another week is done and dusted, where do the weeks go?

If you are wondering why the blog is quieter than usual, it's because I decided to limit the amount of exposure I give the grandchildren.  As they get older, I am aware that they become more recognisable to the outside world and to be honest you never know who is reading and looking.  To that end I have decided this blog will go back to being about my knitting, our garden, trips and on occasions the children will feature. I hope you understand.  I know there are some that just visit to see the children, sorry. If you are on Facebook then you can catch up there, as we are able to limit who sees them.

Anyway, back to the knitting.  This week I have made slipper boots for Jess and started a slipover vest for Laurie, finished the navy cardigan and got new yarn.

for Jess - from Cute Knits for Baby Feet - Beautiful Bootees
Design F from Sirdar Secret Garden Aran Knits
Fairisle pattern from Alice Starmores book
yarn was from stash no idea what it was

Super Natural Stripes by Fawn Pea on Ravelry
Hayfield Aran with Wool

My lovely husband came home with this lot from Aldi for me.  He knows the way to my heart

Thats all from me for now.  Looking forward to spending some time with the family, but rest assured there will be lots of knitting and laughter


  1. What sweet sweaters! And those boots are adorable.

  2. Very wise decision wrt the children, Sue. I'm always very careful about that, also about avoiding clear ID of where I live, where I visit, unless they're public famous places. And I never allow real house numbers or car number plates to appear, same reason, you just never know, and it's better to be careful.

    However, the knits will continue to be very interesting, and those booties are a cute overload!

    1. Thanks Liz. I never say where I'm going just where I've been, also no indication of where we live. Better safe than sorry

  3. Just found your blog, via a link from Facebook. I'll be back for a closer look at previous posts - it looks fab. Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thanks, don't forget to check out the pages above as well, lots of knitting, travel and garden

  4. What lovely knits. They are all nice, but my favourite is the Secret Garden one. I don't think my husband has ever bought me wool. You have a treasure there.

  5. The slipper boots are gorgeous!
    My family are happy for me to blog and mention them in my posts, neither do they mind the odd photos of their backs and the tops of their heads (when modelling hats!) but they draw the line at faces and I do understand why.
    I like to read about your garden, your visits and all of your lovely knitting, I just wish I could knit as quickly as you.

  6. Beautiful knitting as always, Sue. I understand limiting the amount of exposure your grandchildren get on your blog, but I will miss seeing pictures of them. I have had some of the same thoughts about blogging about Lucy.


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