30 November 2014

Knitting - All about more hats

The hat knitting continues, I'm actually enjoying this project, and we have a fair number of ladies coming for our Granny's World knitting sale and coffee morning - scary!!

Along with the hats, headbands and mittens there will be some pocket money odds and ends. Flower hair ties, flower brooches, and button hair clips

My dear husband has been searching Ebay for some more reels, love this latest collection, they actually make great hat stands too!

In amongst the knitting, life still goes on. Yesterday we got more wood cut and stacked, leaves cleared (again...... will they never end), soup made - this weekend's is Leek and Potato

Here are a few photos from the garden- I picked an olive, which are slowly ripening, soft and oily, but oh so bitter - I knew this but still had to taste.  I threw the olive to the chickens who were in the yard, it was so funny, one of them kept pecking at it, then wiping her beak on the gravel, then going back for more, as stupid as me.

Sunday stretches out in front of us.  We should do something about Christmas shopping but can't be bothered, its currently misty, but I feel the need of a walk before settling down to more knitting.  Maybe I'll take my camera out, I've not shared a walk in a while.  See you later


  1. The sale and coffee is so exciting. Wish I could be there.
    Even more so, I would love to join you on a walk again!

  2. Wonderful knitting, Sue! Too funny about the chicken trying to eat the olive. They really are quite dense birds.

  3. If those hats don't sell, I'll be very surprised, they are all great!


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