9 November 2014

Lest they forget

Yesterday we spent the day in London.  Our intention was to get to see the poppies at the Tower of London before they start to be removed next week.  We decided as this has proved so popular that we would get up early and take a train arriving in London just after 7am.  It seems we weren't the only ones, and by the time we got to the Tower the crowds were already building up, though at no point did they prove a problem to photo taking.  Everyone was very quiet and respectful.  

This is a photo account of Remembrance, the rest of the day will following in other blog posts 

you can see the crowds building by the time we had got nearly all the way round

HMS Belfast wearing its poppy with pride
by the time we got to the South Bank you can see just how busy it was getting

In Trafalgar Square

At the Cenotaph


  1. Aren't the poppies amazing?
    Just so beautiful!

  2. Incredible. So moving. So glad you and Peter went and shared with us.

  3. Lest WE forget! great pictures, thank you from one who won't be able to see them in person. Most of us probably have relatives commemorated by the poppies.


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