9 November 2014

London on a lighter note

After sharing with you the Tower Poppies with all its meaning and reflection, we continued the day on a slightly more upbeat note.

After breakfast we wandered along the South Bank, popped over to Borough Market - this will be a separate post - took in the Morris dancers outside the Globe Theatre, photographed the skyline with its mix of different architectural eras, and paid a visit to Tate Modern - there are some really odd things in there! Caught some vehicles from the Lord Mayor's Show, which unfortunately we didn't get to see, just didn't seem to be in the right place at the right time.

We lunched in Chinatown - Dim Sum, had salt beef bagels in Brick Lane, and got well and truly soaked on the way back to the station, but all in all a great day.  Oh and Peter reckons we walked about 15 miles, both of us hate the tube so we walked, and walked and walked...... he has a couple of large blisters!!

We love to visit London and are fortunate that its only an hour away by train

And now the photographs, as usual no particular order


  1. Yes... I will go there.
    Amazing history and sights. What a day you had.

  2. What a full and exciting day you had. I have a husband who says things like, "it's not far, we can easily walk that or while we're waiting for the train we could walk there, it won't take long!"
    Like you we always walk mies while we're in London but at least we get to see so much!

  3. what a delightful mixed bag of memories and memorials! I feel like I've been there even though I'm in sunny Texas!


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