17 November 2014

Mixed bag weekend

According to Google 
this is my 1000th post 

To that end this post is about all the things that make up Granny's World - family, knitting, gardening and music.  This weekend had them all.

Firstly family.  The boys came to stay for the weekend and whilst the weather was a bit rubbish, we did manage to get outside for a while to get some air and exercise, clearing leaves

Plenty of drawing and puzzles

Teasing the chickens through the window

Tower building

I also got some knitting done -

This simple headband - 72 stitches using aran weight yarn on 7mm needles, just 4 rows 2 x 2 rib, 8 rows stocking stitch, 4 rows 2 x2 rib and cast off.  Sew up seam and add a flower of large button over the seam to hide

This cowl with matching headband (I adapted the pattern here) is Super Snuggly by Penny Whitehall from  Simply Knitting issue 88

This headband is for Rachel as she wanted one to match Jess's but without the flower.  Again a very simple 2 x 2 rib over 90 stitches for 20 rows on 4.5mm - aran weight yarn

 Here is Jess wearing hers - she has been very poorly over the last 2.5 weeks, finally on the mend thank goodness.

Then the music - Clare Teal does Doris Day.  A very enjoyable evening

So there you have it our weekend.


  1. Happy 1000! Looking forward to many more of what Granny's World is all about.

  2. A very newsy grannys world for your 1000th post.

  3. It sounds like a perfect weekend, except for the weather. Glad to hear Jess is on the mend!

  4. Congrats Sue! It is so wonderful to have these memories 'in print',especially for the boys as they get older. My boys even love looking back to stories about them on my blog from the past few years.


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