29 December 2014

How was your Christmas?

Another Christmas is done and dusted, long in the preparation but short in the execution.

Our Christmas was a bit different this year.  For the first time in 34 years Peter and I woke to Christmas morning completely on our own.  It felt very strange, but actually quite pleasant.  No mad dashing about trying to get everyone to breakfast before presents were unwrapped.  Just leisurely.  Rachel, Stu and Jess came over around 10am to open presents, Jess got right into it.

A little snack to help the unwrapping go along, you can see there is a theme to her presents

Then great grandma and Pat arrived for lunch, Jess helped with the ribbons before going to her Nana's for lunch.

So just the 4 of us for lunch, again a bit strange, but I still had to cook the same amounts as I was told there had better be plenty of leftovers!

The Jones' arrived just after 5pm for their extended stay. I didn't actually get any photos of them unwrapping their presents as the light wasn't very good.

Boxing day was lovely, all the family together, we make quite a houseful now.  Lots of fun was had.

These two are quite competitive

More snacking, those homemade cheese biscuits went down a treat with the children

Laurie decided he would try out his astronaut suit and everyone had to wear a hat.........

Saturday Beck and Tim left for home leaving the boys with us, we've had a good time, tiring, you really do forget as you get older just how much work children are!! There was plenty of lego, crafting, fighting and general merriment, and on occasions some quiet time. Television does have its place.........

They have now gone home, the house is put to rights, but its so quiet......................


  1. Lovely family pix! and how about a recipe for the cheese biscuits, huh?

  2. Sending time with your family..in person or virtually... is just so wonderful.
    Hats of to all of you. (really, please now, hats off)


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