5 December 2014

Knitting - FO Friday

Morning everyone (or evening/afternoon depending on when you read this).  Its been a long week and I plan to enjoy every minute of the next 3 days, doing what I like to do best.  Spend time with my family, knit, maybe do a bit of Christmas shopping and just have some fun. Its the annual Mill Road Winter Fair tomorrow, so lots of fun and food.  I'll be sure to have my camera with me.

I have been working on some more hats and also some very cute boots, I think I am just a bit in love with the boot pattern and as trying to see how many ways I can knit these to make them different. These are to fit 6-12 months and they are knitted in acrylic, great for using up oddments.  The pattern is beautiful bootees from Cute Knits for baby feet

These I knitted for Jess a while back from the same pattern

This hat I made up as I went along, using aran weight yarn, I made a crocheted chain for the embellishment

Again using aran weight yarn this hat is a mix of a couple of patterns - age 5 years +

Then another headband and some mitts - sorry some to the photos are a bit yellow, but shot them at night!

So thats my output for the week, sale on Tuesday, then hopefully I can have a bit of a break and knit something else.  Miss J needs some more cardigans as she is putting on a growth spurt.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check back for the Winter Fair photos.  Here is a taste of previous years 2013, 2012


  1. Such lovely projects! I love the crochet chain on the hat! Adorable mittens and booties!

  2. Ooh I love your knitted boots, hats and mitts. Thankyou for popping by my blog and I'm sorry but I hadnt realised you are following me via Bloglovin. I've just started knitting myself after m a n y years, just tiny flower brooches at the moment, but hey from little acorns and all that....:)

  3. Those booties are very cute! I especially like the ones with the heart sewn on.

  4. The boots are really cute and I like the way you've embellished the hat with the crocheted chain, a great idea!


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