14 December 2014

Tree day

Today we went for the tree. For the last few years we have gone with Rebecca to Digby Farm near Stamford to get our tree.  Peter borrows a van from work and the boys get to ride in it, whilst us girls follow in the car.

The draw for the boys is the bouncy castles which keeps them occupied whilst the adults are choosing a tree

There were plenty to choose from and they were bringing them in from the field as fast as people were buying them.  Peter selected one for us but I wasn't that happy so got to have a look myself, coming back with one that was at least 3 foot bigger and a whole lot wider.

I think I may have gone just a bit too big, as I can't reach the top even with a step ladder, not sure how we will get the star on, perhaps we will  need either Rachel or Stu who are both considerably taller than us!!

I plan to leave it to settle for a day or so then tackle the decoration.  I'll post photos when I'm done.  How was your weekend?


  1. Our tree is already so dried out, Needles and ornaments keep dropping even without Wells' help. They cut them mid November as may people decorate for Christmas before our Thanksgiving. Yours looks so fresh and beautiful.

  2. Me & you alike then?
    What is it about choosing christmas trees!


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