10 January 2015

Knitting - a good start to the year

According to Ravelry I knitted 127 items last year.  Admittedly there were a lot of hats, but I'm pleased with that number and it will be interesting to see what I manage this year.

So far I have completed the following projects -  I shared these last week and then we have these.

The snuggle bunnies are for Jess, she has become very attached to this bunny so she now has 4.  The plan is to leave one at ours, one at her Nana's, one stays in her cot and the other goes out with her.  That way she should always have one handy.  Its funny how they get attached to a particular soft toy, she has many but this is her firm favourite.  Of course, I am highly delighted.  The pattern link is here.

Next in line is the Provence Cardigan, its a free pattern on Ravelry, I knitted it before in cream.  This one is knitted in King Cole Big Value DK

My latest WIP is Design D from Sirdar 377 or leaflet 1929, again knitted in King Cole Big Value DK, this is a great yarn for small children, it washes well and keeps it shape nicely

I was pleased to find that the florist on the market had some daffodils in bud so I treated myself to 5 bunches and have them dotted around the house.  They will add a splash of colour to these dull winter days.

We took ourselves out for lunch, popped into the Smokeworks in Cambridge, check out their menu. We had the Works with a beer, very good especially the ribs and the mixed meat bun!!  Doubt I will eat anything else today!


  1. The multiple bunnies certainly beats having a heartbroken baby whose cuddly got left behind somewhere, who knows where...

  2. The bunnies are so cute. Thanks for the tip about the restaurant we're always looking out for new places to try when we visit it Cambridge. There were daffodils by the till in our M&S on Friday, (you reminded me, I forgot to buy them!) they're so bright and cheerful even on a dull day!

  3. Those bunnies are so cute! We did a similar thing with Lucy and her beloved panda bear from IKEA - bought multiples so she would always have one.


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