15 January 2015

Knitting - navy ribs and 38 years

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe another year has gone. As always the song below is 'our' song.  Happy anniversary Peter, love you always xx

I finished the navy ribbed yoke cardigan last night.  Pretty happy with it, apart from running out of yarn for the front bands.  I have no idea what the yarn was, I thought King Cole, but when I got out another ball it was a slightly different shade.  I guess at nearly 11 months Jess won't care, and once mixed with baby dribble, snot and the like, it won't notice too much!!  It also depends on the light as to how much it shows.

My next project requires that I learn to some crochet.  I am determined to crack it this time.  I can only show you odd peeks, so will have to find something else to knit so I have something to share.


  1. Happy anniversary Sue! You and your husband have Jay and I beat by a couple of years. Nice sweater, and you're right - Jess won't care that there's a different dye lot on the button band. Hard to believe she's 11 months old!

  2. Happy Anniversary to the happiest of couples!

  3. What a lovely cardi, the colour is gorgeous. Happy anniversary to you both. Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy anniversary!
    Good luck with your crochet, once you get in to it, I bet you'll be hooked!


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