3 January 2015

The first FO's of 2015

I finally decided on the buttons for the 50's Lounge Coat with the help of my youngest, I also unpicked the pocket and repositioned it. This was knitted in King Cole Big Value DK, the buttons as usual came from the charity shop

These mitts are for the older sister of the cardigan recipient, again knitted in King Cole Big Value DK

The hat and mitts are for Jess and yes again King Cole Big Value DK, the second mitt wasn't available for the photo but I knew I wouldn't have time to photograph it once I was done

We have had a lovely day with Miss J today. The first time that she has spent a full day with us on her own, she was great.  Such a happy little girl, no trouble at all.

I now need to work through my list of requests for Miss J, she needs a red and navy cardi, a couple of spare snuggle bunnies. Growing fast she will certainly keep me busy.

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  1. I heart that dear little girl! I'd love to just pick her up and cuddle and cuddle.

    I see you moved the pocket on that cardi, much better placement than the pattern, where it seemed to be under the baby's arm!


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