19 February 2015

Gardening - the great tidy up starts

Yesterday afternoon was glorious, so I decided that I needed to get onto the garden.  The chickens have had free reign of it for a while and they have been throwing stuff all over the place.  They are actually quite good at kicking the leaves about but it was high time for a tidy.  Their area is now restricted as I'm finding lots of new shoots with pecked ends, hubby blames the deer but I'm not so sure!

Here are some of the lovelies I uncovered, I know I show you these every year but I just love hellebore and once all the leaves from last year are clipped back they really come into their own.

I have lots of clumps of snowdrops too

The frost is taking it toll on the brickwork to the patio wall - pretty moss though

The hat for the Sailors' Society is finished and in the post.  Can't say I enjoyed the pattern that much and it seemed like an awful lot of stitches, perhaps sailors have big heads!

I'm currently knitting a hooded poncho for Jess, no photos to share right now, but its this pattern 

It will be a busy weekend - collecting the boys tomorrow for the weekend and Jessica will be one on Sunday, can you believe a year has gone so quickly.


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Jess.
    We are covered in snow here...and bitter cold. Your garden with its lovely show of green and color is quite a nice sight!

  2. Isn't it lovely to get outside in the garden. I love hellebores they are so delicate, unfortunately most of mine are round the side of my garden, so unless i'm outside, I miss them.


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