13 February 2015

Knitting - FO Friday

I finished my WIP from Wednesday, I am so pleased with it. As is my little model, its a little bit big for her but at least it will last for a while.

A reminder of the pattern details - Sugar Plum Cardi from Sublime, with long sleeves.  I really should have remembered to add a few more garter stitch rows at the bottom as it has started to roll, so annoying.

This is my first Friday with Jess while her mummy is at work. Currently she is napping, having watched me chase a mouse around the lounge, she seemed to think it was very funny.  Needless to say I didn't get it, the cat is sitting guard by the TV unit but I can't see it there. It freaks me out to think its still in here.  I do have a set trap guarding my dry stores drawer so hopefully that will be safe.

Jess has been a real trooper this week, coping well with nursery, she even stayed here over night and slept all night.  We've been and fed the ducks and visited great grandma and uncle Pat and when she wakes I will take her down the fen to see the cows.  Fun day


  1. What a dear little girl she is! I can see why you have a good time with her.

  2. What fun you're going to have on a Friday from now on. Jess looks very happy to be spending her day with her Granny.


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