16 March 2015

Weekend - not the one I expected

How was your weekend? My weekend didn't go as it was planned to do.  I was still feeling ill so ended up missing the Hen Day on Saturday, spending the day alone as Peter went to look after the boys rather than them come to us.  They all had a good time and I spent the day quietly finishing off my two WIPs and listening to an audiobook...... not feeling sorry for myself at all!

Sunday, was Mothering Sunday here in the UK and Rachel, Stu and Jess risked a visit and bought lunch. I also started a new project, something for me for a change.

I've been into work today, still not feeling 100%, but I survived the morning and can only hope this virus clears up soon.  I didn't fancy knitting group this afternoon so am catching up on some washing, I really know how to enjoy myself.

So the projects that I completed. Jess happily modelled the dress yesterday, this is the only one that isn't blurred or too dark, she moves around so quickly these days, god help us once she is off on her own!

Little Sister's dress 

Baby Bunting by Sublime

Then the project for me.  The pattern is Saroyan .  I cast this on yesterday afternoon, it grows so fast.  The yarn is some that I bought last week at the show.  I have used just under 2 balls so far, loving the yarn and the pattern, I did 8 increase repeats so that it is slightly wider that given so it will be more of a wrap than a scarf.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! Jess looks adorable in her dress! Beautiful colorway on your Saroyan. Lovely baby bunting!

  2. So sorry you are still not up to par. The good side of course is the FOs. Lovely, every one.

  3. That little cardi with the ribbon tie is so cute.
    The virus that so many people to seem to have had or are in the throws of is so nasty. When I felt poorly it just wouldn't go. Hopefully that lovely colour that you are knitting up now will cheer you and make you feel better.

  4. PS my weekend was not as it should have been either, as I will post hopefully later today.


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