21 May 2015

Thats more like it!!

This evening we start the wedding setup, so exciting......

I just checked the weather forecast for Saturday and it now looks like this

and from 4pm this

We may get a shower tomorrow at some point, but with that we can cope

The garden has had its final tweak, grass trimmed and borders checked, the willow is shedding leaves due to the wind, rain and hail this week so I'll need to do some sweeping but other than that it all looks great.

So without further ado I will go back to my list and see you on the other side of the wedding, bye bye


  1. My very best to R, S &J and all of you!
    I will be here waiting for the photos.

  2. I'll be thinking of you, Sue! Have a great time, and hopefully the weather cooperates. :-)


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