7 June 2015

Just in time for the sun

With the wedding now behind us, I have turned my attention to my knitting.  A cardigan I started a few weeks ago and also a sun hat.

Yesterday proved to be perfect sunhat weather, so Miss J was more than happy to model her new hat (and cardigan, there was a stiff breeze at times) evidenced by the sunburned faces of the grown ups who weren't wearing hats!

The hat is from the Love Knitting for Baby magazine issue 19 (May) I used Rico Essentials Cotton DK, I added the flower to make it just a bit more girly

The cardigan again in Rico is a Peter Pan pattern from booklet P1049, it looks better on than off.

We were at the Cambridge Strawberry Fair, not sure it's really our sort of scene but Rachel and Jess wanted to go along so we were more than happy to spend a day in their company

After the Fair we went for a stroll through Jesus Green and along Quayside to a pub, a lovely day out even if we do look like belisha beacons

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  1. Little J is such a delight! Your timing with the sun hat was perfect. And the sweater is very sweet!


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