9 June 2015

More makes

As usual it's busy around Granny's World, knitting, DIY, gardening, you name it we can always find something to do other than sit still!

Two more hats have been knitted for Miss J, same pattern as before and using up oddments of cotton from stash, buttons from charity shop

In answer to the comments on my previous post - yes, leftover paint and possibly what to knit next, or just somewhere to sit quietly and think, but given what I have said at the start of this post, that's not likely!!

And to keep Miss J on the patio near the house, a gate made out of pallet wood and more leftover paint. Cost nothing other than time.

Now....... what shall I knit next.......... perhaps I'll go sit in the chair


  1. Cute hats. I especially like the green/teal one. (Hard to tell colors on computer screen sometimes.)

  2. Yes I would definitely spend some time sitting in your chair, I thought it looked great. The hats are lovely.


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