7 July 2015

Finally done

It seems like I have been working on the jacket forever.  It actually took me 3 weeks due to the hot weather and my book, but its done and I am really pleased with it.

This will keep Miss J warm and snuggly over the autumn months.  The pattern details are here.

Talking about Miss J, she is growing up so fast, no longer a baby, a little girl.  Here she is on Sunday sporting a hair slide that I made for her, just a slide with a button sewn on, I have lots!!

She insisted on being pushed around in the doll's pushchair, poor Pop's back! Poor pushchair too


  1. Oh Miss J...you are just so precious.

  2. That first picture of Miss J is too adorable. What a sweetie pie. The jacket turned out beautifully, such fun stripes.

  3. Both Miss J and the sweater are adorable! Brilliant idea to sew a button onto a hair clip. I think I'll try that for Lucy.


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