29 July 2015

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

Good morning, its chilly here today and I'm wearing a cardigan for the first time in weeks; if I didn't know better I'd say it was autumn!

Knitting this week - I'd like to say I've been good and continued working on my cardigan, its at the just added sleeves stage but I'm bored with it. I need to move onto a circular needle to give me more room but I'm seriously considering frogging it.  Here is the progress on my cardigan what do you think?

I was very naughty on Sunday evening and cast on a shawl.  The pattern is Over Sea to Skye, and the yarn I using is Filati da Collezione 100% organic cotton DK weight (its a bit splitty).  I love this pattern, so well written and easy to follow, plus a very quick to knit.

This was where I was at yesterday morning

and this is where I am at now

I'm a bit in love with shawls are the moment, and have printed off loads of patterns, so can see my stash shrinking very quickly and my wardrobe filling with snuggly shawls and cowls..


  1. I really like that shawl pattern, Sue. I've started knitting shawls too and am really enjoying them. It has taken me awhile to catch the shawl bug though. I had to get over the mindset that they are for old ladies! As for your sweater and what to do it's too hard to tell from the picture. But I tend to think life is too short to be knitting something you aren't absolutely in love with.

  2. Shawls are my favorite hands down. I have so many and I have no intention of stopping! I love that blue yarn. It looks super soft and will make a cozy shawl for sure!

  3. It's really a lovely shawl. I love the lace pattern. And, I'm sure it's a fun knit, too!

  4. Busy Gal. They are a lot of fun to knit up.

  5. I love the variety in your shawl! Very cool stitch patterns


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