12 July 2015

Weekend - why its great to have a tall daughter

We have had a great weekend with the family, and made the most of the beautiful weather on Saturday by going to the Big Day Out in Cambridge.  In fairness it was a tad hot and lots of bugs, but the kids enjoyed the fun fair and the science tents (Rufus).

This was Jess' first experience of a fun fair and enjoyed it, not sure her Daddy was so keen!!

really getting into motor bike mode, this boy loves a motorbike!

Rufus having made a cell, then went on to learning how to extract his DNA, so interesting, and he even got to bring some home

Later in the day we went for a BBQ at Miss J's house...... it all got a bit rough, poor Pops

and then Michael Buble came on and my big boy and I had a dance

So to the title of this post..... we gave Rachel a ladder and she was away....  I have frozen 10 lbs, made another batch of sweet pickled cherries, and a batch of cherry relish and both the girls took some home.  I think we will call it a day now and let the birds have the rest.

Rachel was kind enough to stay and help pit them
We then found a visitor in a bucket of water

and that was our weekend, hope you enjoyed yours too


  1. Pops loved every minute! As did Granny taking in the whole scene.

  2. All sounds like great fun for one and all. (We're still very envious of all those lovely cherries!)


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