8 July 2015


Somehow I seem to have 3 WIP's on the go.  Not like me at all, usual just 2 and even then I'm not that happy unless the 2nd one is maybe a blanket/throw.

So what do we have?

Miss J is going to a wedding on the 17th and her mummy decided she needed a little cardigan to go with her new dress.  Luckily this won't take long and I had some yarn in my stash.  The pattern is Sirdar 1848 and I am using Sirdar Cotton Kapok DK.

Next up is for me, it's from this month's Simply Knitting.  I am changing it slightly, as in not putting in the ridge pattern, apart from the top 2.

Then a Bunny Blanket Bunny, for a friend's daughter, she's requested yellow with a purple flower and bigger than the ones I did for Miss J.  Using yarn from stash.  Her sister wants a Jessica Rabbit.

This afternoon I made cherry jam, it took me 90 mins to pitt them.  Then .............

we picked a load more...... I had said I would do them this evening but I've changed my mind.  Job for tomorrow, and there are still loads and loads more, it seems a shame to leave them. The birds seem happy with the other tree, they are so sour but they seem to like them.

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  1. Great knitting projects, Sue. It seems a rare thing to see you knit something for yourself. A well-deserved treat after all the time you spend knitting for your grandchildren! I wish I was there to take some of those sour cherries off your hands. It's very hard to find them here. It seems like not many people have sour cherry trees any more. The jam looks delicious!


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