22 October 2015

Autumn days

With British Summer Time ending this weekend, it heralds the start of the long dark evenings.  Part of me rejoices in the fact that I can knit without that slight guilt that I should be doing something else!

There is certainly plenty to do in the garden, leaves, leaves and more leaves, and still so many on the trees. Just love the colours.

I currently don't have the energy or inclination to get outside and start clearing up, it must be done, but I'm hoping for a strong wind to blow them into a neighbours garden!

As thoughts turn to the colder days, I have freshen up the blankets in the garden room, love to be able to snuggle under these.  All Ten-Stitch blankets, I really need to make another, they are such fun to do.  To knit yours check out the link above, it's a free pattern, though Frankie does ask for donations to the Children's Liver Disease Foundation, I'll leave that to your conscience. 

Fig tree logs drying out, these make for a lovely fragranced cosy fire, we've yet to fire up the log burners but it won't be long if the forecast is anything to go by.


  1. The autumn leaves are so pretty, but there is that downside about needing to rake them up and dispose of them. I hope you are starting to feel better and regain your energy this coming week.

  2. Does your neighbours read your blog I wonder?
    Autumn colours are just so beautiful and with the clocks changing I get that cosy feeling indoors when the curtains are drawn, candles are lit and the logs crackle on the fire. I think it's just the best.


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