14 October 2015

Knitting - further Blish update

Work continues with my Blish, I've made a fair bit of progress since I reported on Sunday and am still really enjoying knitting this.  I am now on the decreasing for the bottom having joined the back and front back together, so each row is getting quicker.

My knitting group have been busy making Hats for Refugees, here are some I still need to post off!

and finally, some fungus that is growing on an old chestnut tree stump on our drive, aren't they amazing?


  1. Your Blish is looking great, Sue! I'm sure the hats will be greatly appreciated. Wonderful fungi picture. I see them growing like that on Teapot Hill sometimes.

  2. What cool looking fungus. I am reminded once again of the beauty around us if we just stop and notice. Good people will be wearing your hats and feel the love from other good people that that care about their plight.
    Love the Bliss....I looked in my stash to start one, but not enough yardage of any one yarn. Guess I need to go shopping.

  3. Oh Blish is lovely, I love the classic grey, it goes with everything.


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