29 October 2015

October, I'm glad to see you go

October has been a month I would be happy to forget.  Filled with sadness and illness.

On the 15th we had our father's funeral, whilst I did manage to read the eulogy, it wasn't something that I can say I enjoyed doing, though the very last thing I could do for my Dad.

Nearly every member of my nearest family has been ill either with this flu virus or sickness bug that is currently doing the rounds here in the UK.  I feel low in spirits and in health, long for a decent nights sleep and a break from my head.

The only thing that has keeps me sane is my knitting and reading, both of which I love and which has the ability to keep away my sad thoughts.  Other times I find myself overcome at the oddest of moments, reading the words on a birthday card, a piece of music, the sun, you name it and it seems to be able bring on the tears.  Sometimes I forget, then I feel guilty, its not like I saw my Dad that often as he lived 60 odd miles away.  I guess all emotions that you expect to feel.

I am looking forward to November with hope, and a long awaited break to enjoy.

I have a long list of knitting requests to fulfill and hopefully some stash enhancement

Here are a few photos just to make this post a bit more interesting, some taken right at the beginning of the month when I did at least feel ok for a long trek and the knitting I have achieved, all I guess you've seen in previous posts!


  1. I'm so sorry you have had such a horrible month, Sue. Please be kind to yourself, and know that it's okay to experience all those feelings you are having about your father. It's been four years since my father died, and while that initial gut-wrenching pain has gone, there are still moments when grief sneaks up and surprises me again. I hope November is a healthier, happier month for you.

  2. So sorry to read how sad October has been for you and with the added illnesses doing the rounds that really doesn't help. I do hope that you are able to find some brightness in November and it will help to lift your spirits.


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