25 November 2015

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

I feel like this year is slipping by fast.  Only one month to Christmas, and still shopping to do, apart from having plenty of cards and wrap which I over bought last year, only 2 presents bought so far  Fortunately none of my knitting is Christmas related so no pressure there. I have made a panforte which is tucked away and also the puddings are made.

Currently on the needles is Baby Ferris for Jessica.  Using King Cole Baby Comfort DK, in a berry red.

Easy enough pattern but I have made a couple of changes.  I did the back in one piece rather than two and made 2 x 2 rib cuffs as I didn't like the stocking stitch bands, also it was nigh on impossible to get 50 stitches on it!  So I went with 38 sts and 7 rows and then increased to 50 sts on the 8th row.

I also made up a quick pair of mitten for Jess on Sunday.  She is a finger sucker, so I left the end of her left one undone so she can still get to her fingers but the rest of her hand is warm.  No photos as I forget.

Tell me about your preparations for Christmas, are you knitting up a storm?  Given yourself a break and not making gifts this year? Done your shopping, have it all wrapped?  Calm or panicking?


  1. Ohh! What a gorgeous shade! Your knitting is really beautiful! I am not making any knit gifts this year - pure selfish knitting, and I am not ashamed :)

  2. The sweater is going to be lovely, Sue. You were smart to avoid having a list of Christmas projects to knit. I am knitting each of my granddaughters sweaters, and both are finished except for sewing on buttons. One of the sweaters is Wowligan by Kate Davies, so putting all the owl eyes on is probably going to take me as long as it did to knit the actual sweater. The sweater I made for Ella is the Oslo Anorak. I'm really happy with how it came out. I did pink for the garter stitch parts at the top and bottom, and did black and white stripes for the stocking stitch in between.


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