28 December 2015

2016 - the future

2015 has been a funny old year 
to be honest there were parts I don't want to dwell on 
all of which you can read on here, if you have the time or inclination.  

I bring you the future
Our beautiful daughters and their growing families
plus, a new baby for Rachel, Stu and Jess in May

See you in 2016 - Happy New Year

photograph by Caroline Loves Photography 


  1. Happy New Year to you Sue. I hope 2016 brings you many joyful moments. How exciting that there will be another grandchild to welcome into your family. You are going to be knitting non-stop!

  2. I could push the Love button a million times!

  3. Happy New Year to you Sue. I feel there's going to be lots of knitting in 2016!


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