3 January 2016

Knitting - January sort out

What to do on a wet and rainy Sunday?  I sat knitting for a while this morning, then decided I really needed to 'do' something.  One of our bedrooms is a guest/craft room and my table was overloaded with "stuff". I've had a good sort out, new buttons into jars, patterns into folders, ribbons sorted and tidy (for a while).

I then sorted out all of the knitted items I seemed to have by me, some that are to go to charity, others as gifts.  I tackled the yarn cupboard next!  I already had a bag of odds and ends but decided that I would go through and sort all the odd balls and designate them to a charity yarn pile.

I then tipped out the bag and sorted all the odds and ends, bits that may just knit a row were also included.  I now have a nice tidy box into which I will add ends as I finish projects.  It amazed me how many shades of red there are in this box and to see what I actually had by way of odd balls.

The plan is only take charity projects to my knitting groups, leaving my main projects at home to work on at my leisure.  A satisfying couple of hours and its still raining


  1. Hasn't it been such a wet dreary day. At 1pm it felt like 4 here. Having a tidy up is s great way to start a new year, I tackled my sewing drawer yesterday but all things yarn has been left for another day.

  2. I need to get that job done to.....one of these days.
    LOVE the header photo!

  3. We have a hospice charity shop in Hull that specialises in selling anything craft related and they have about 7 boxes like yours there, all full of half and full balls.
    They sell really well - just don't ask me how many Ive bought ( and still not used !)
    Well done on a job clearly well done : )

  4. It always feels good to get things organized. I think the first of the year kind of brings that out, too. I sorted old files/bills and a closet one day and cleaned out the pantry another.


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