29 February 2016


Two months of 2016 gone already.  It seems most of this month has been spent helping to pack up a home ready for a move this week.  Exciting times.  It has also made me look around our house at all the "stuff" we have, not sure I am ready to tackle any of it yet, but at some point in time we will move on from this house and it will be a monumental task!!  Maybe I should take a room at a time and do a cull........

February - only 6 blog posts, most of them about knitting, my milestone birthday and half term with the boys. I'm still not used to the idea of being 60 but nothing I can do about it.

A certain young lady was 2 last Monday, I should have given her a blog post, shame on me.  We spent a fun day on Friday and she stayed the night so we got to have early morning cuddles on Saturday. It's so funny, Jess loves to get into our bed for a cuddle and a story or two, unlike the boys who want to fight and make tents, regardless of the early hour!

I picked up a bargain from the charity shop last week, a whole bag containing various Brio wooden train set parts for £10, all we need to add is some straight track

Jess spent most of Friday playing with it

We also went to the park, though it was cold and windy so didn't stay too long.  Jess is growing so fast, hard to believe she is 2 and will be a big sister come May.

don't you love the "biker boots"?

The cot blanket is now finished, I am so pleased with it.

I also made Jess an outfit for World Book Day this Thursday.  Her current favourite book is Where's my Teddy by Jez Alborough.  This is what she will be wearing, a tunic loosely based on the child's sheep outfit  and a headband, using the nose and ears from a teddy bear pattern.  Hopefully she will wear it and Rachel will get some photos.

I still haven't managed to get out on the garden that much, either too cold or wet or busy, well that's my excuse.  This weekend it's the Knitting show and helping unpack boxes so no gardening,  it will keep, Easter's not that far away and 4 whole days which at the present time are free...........


  1. Well that costume is just too cute.. You sue, are such a creative woman.
    My boys loved their Brios and it is fun to see the grands playing with them now. Wish I had gotten them for the price you did!

  2. That's a very cute costume! I can't believe she is now two years old. They change and grow so quickly during the first few years it's hard to keep up with. Ella just turned 7 months and Rebekah told me I need to come visit again because Ella's doing all kinds of new things and I just saw her two and a half weeks ago. Nice work on the cot blanket - it's very bright and cheerful!

    Having downsized our home a few years ago my advice would be to start sifting and sorting through your stuff now. It will make the job much easier down the road.

  3. I don't know where this last 2 years have gone. I love the little outfit.
    We are trying to declutter, we've been sorting the loft, taking so much to the charity shop. Yet, there is so much more, I have to try and shut my eyes to it.


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