30 March 2016

Knitting - WIP Wednesday and a bag of soft

Good morning.  Wednesday already. I love a short week, only another day for me and its the weekend again!

Today I am working on the Autumn Cardigan by Kelly Brooker (pekapekapatterns), another pattern which Kelly is giving away for free.  I really like Kelly's patterns, so well written, and as her free patterns only come in one size, you are tempted to buy the full patterns which come in multiple sizes and yarn weights, should you want to knit again  I like her style.

The yarn I am using has been languishing in my stash for a while - Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok in a crushed raspberry shade. I may change the sleeve on this as I'm not sure I like the puffed effect, it may however be too late for that but I will have a fiddle and see how it turns out.

Whilst rummaging through my stash I found a bag of roving(!?) and a drop spindle.  I made a failed attempt at spinning a while back (see top right, more thick than thin), not really my thing I'm afraid, so it went in the back of the cupboard.  I need someone to do something with it for me!

I still have plans for an Ellen cardigan for me.  The yarn sits waiting with the pattern.  But the requests just keep coming in for Miss J, she is a delight to knit for and as the projects are small, quick to do, I really don't mind.  I also need to make up a few items for the new baby which is due in 5.5 weeks, time is flying by.  Of course it could be late so maybe 7 weeks who knows.

28 March 2016

Easter weekend

It's been a mixed weekend weather wise.  Beautiful on Friday, which was fortunate as we went to Belton House and Park with the girls and the grandchildren. We had a wonderful day and the children and adults had a great time.  It was so busy, I think everyone had had an eye on the forecast and decided Friday was the day to visit.  Even so there was plenty of room for everyone to play and park.

Saturday started dull and grey, we went to town for a bit of shopping and a coffee. Then the afternoon/evening was spent doing what I do best - knitting.

Sunday, we woke to wind and sunshine and managed 3 hours in the garden - cutting back the beech hedges before rain stopped play.  We now have piles of beech clipping all over the lawn, and somewhere there is an abandoned pair of secuteres!  We decided to have a late roast lunch rather than wait til evening, which meant I got in plenty of knitting again.  We watched the final episode of the Night Manager , gripping to say the least, not sure what it did for my knitting tension!  This has been the best BBC drama in ages, well done BBC.  I did get my knitting finished which was a bonus, so have achieved 2 projects this weekend.

Today, bank holiday Monday is currently dry but oh so windy and cold.  No plans as such. Peter is visiting his mum right now and I have had a tidy round.  If the rain stays off we may have to go and collect up all the beech clippings.

Thank you all for your comments on here and Facebook regarding the Cat Cushion and the Simply Knitting star letter, they are much appreciated and I am pleased to tell that several people have started on their own cushion and loads have queued it.

So here are some photos from the weekend.  I hope you all had a peaceful weekend, back to work tomorrow!

Precious booties by Bernat

Hine is a girl by Kelly Brooker

23 March 2016

Knitting - fame at last!

Last month Simply Knitting magazine were asking for readers knits, so I took a chance and sent in the bouquet I made for Rachel.  Guess what I made Star Letter!!

I also published the Cat Cushion onto the Ravelry patterns database and from that have been contacted by Knit Today magazine to be featured in their news section.  I am beyond excited!!!

22 March 2016

Knitting - Cat Cushion

My daughter wanted a new cushion for the nursery, and as I had loads of Drops Love You 5 cotton yarn left over from the cot blanket I decided that it would be good to make something matching.  I went through Pinterest, Ravelry and the web in general for a pattern.  Found a photo of a large stuffed cat cushion to buy but nothing I liked to knit.  What to do?  Have a go to make up my own, and here he is. I decided that it would be good to write up the pattern and share here.  Of course I take no responsibility for any mistakes, as its FREE you take the risk!  I think it's ok but I might have missed something obvious, I am not a pattern writer.

This cushion could be knitted in any weight yarn, the size will depend on what you use.  I used aran weight and the overall measurement is width 18" (47cm) x 13" (34cm) tall excluding the ears. This would be a great stash buster pattern.  You can use any stripe combo you like.

Materials: 250 grams aran weight yarn - cushion pad - 2 buttons - 4.5mm needles - straights and a small circular or dpns for the tail - 1 stitch marker - small amount of toy stuffing for tail

Body - (you will make 2 of these)
Cast on 46 stitches
Row 1 - purl
Row 2 - K1, Kfb, K to last 2 stitches Kfb K1 - 48 stitches
Row 3 - P1, Pfb, P to last 2 stitches Pfb P1- 50 stitches
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have 66 stitches  - you will have knitted 11 rows

Work in stocking stitch for a total of 55 rows from cast on in any stripe pattern you desire ending on a right side for next row
K1 K2tog K to last 3 stitches SSK K1
P all stitches
Repeat these 2 rows until you have 44 stitches - end on right side

Next row divide for ears - you will have 16 stitches for each ear and there will be 12 stitches to cast off for forehead.

Work on first 16 stitches
K2tog, K to last 2 stitches SSK
work 3 rows in stocking stitch
K2tog, K to last 2 stitches SSK
work 3 rows in stocking stitch
K2tog, K to last 2 stitches SSK
K row
P2tog, P to last 2 stitches P2tog
K2tog K2 K2tog
P2tog, P2tog
K2 tog

Rejoin yarn and cast off 12 stitches, slip the one stitch left on needle and work the second ear (16 stitches)

Cast on 30 st and join in the round and add stitch marker
Knit 45 rows in any stripe pattern
Dec 1 stitch each end of next row
Knit 7 rows
Dec 1 stitch each end of next row
Knit 7 rows
Dec 1 stitch each end of next row
Knit 4 rows
Dec 1 stitch each end of next row
K1 row
Dec 1 stitch each end of next row
Repeat last 2 rows until last 2 stitches then K2tog

Cast on 16 stitches
Knit 3 rows (garter stitch)
K1, K2tog knit to last 3 stitches SSK K1
Knit 1 row
Repeat last 2 rows until you have 4 stitches
K2tog twice

Make up
Work in your ends!!!
Stuff the tail
I pinned the stuffed tail into the side seam of the 2 body parts, sew around leaving the bottom open for the cushion pad.  Then slip stitch to close.  Now the fun part the features!  I tried to embroider the nose 3 times and failed, hence the reason he now has a knitted nose.  Place your nose and sew on, embroider the mouth and whiskers, add the buttons for eyes.  I secured the tail half way up the side seam as I wanted it to stay erect, but you can leave it down if you wish.

If you decide to make my Cat cushion be sure to share your finished cushion on Ravelry or the Granny's World Facebook page 

Happy knitting, every house needs a Cat Cushion, I think I'll make another just for our bed, hubby will llove that!!!

20 March 2016

Knitting - another finished project

It's been a busy weekend in the garden but I found time yesterday evening to complete the Hine is a girl top for Miss J.  I love it. A casual top made pretty with the easy lace sleeves.  The pattern is free but only comes in one size and aran weight.  You can purchase the Hine pattern here  which goes from 12 months to 6 years and also 3 different yarn weights.

I now need to finish off the Cat Cushion and write up the pattern which I will share, so watch this space.

19 March 2016

Knitting - She can be warm again

The Emergency hat is finished. I had planned to post this yesterday but was otherwise engaged. The pattern details are here.  It was satisfying to see her wear it straight away, whilst not the same as the one she lost, I thought it looked great.

Lots to do this weekend, the garden calls and I have had to drag myself away from my book, The Lake House by Kate Morton, such a good read, not much to go and I think I have worked out how it will end, I may however be wrong.  Until bedtime!

16 March 2016

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

I'm being naughty (for me) this week, I have 3 WIP's on the go.

The first photo I am calling Emergency Hat - my eldest text me yesterday to say she had lost her hat and her head was cold!  I no longer had any of the grey yarn I used but had this grey tweed aran weight, the pattern I am using I got from Deramores website - its a Phildar pattern called Bobble Hat. Lets hope she likes it

The second is for Miss J, the pattern is Hine is a Girl and the yarn is Louise Harding Jesse

and finally a Cat Cushion  for Baby R - I'm making this pattern up as I go, based on a photo I found online but couldn't find the pattern - photo on Ravelry link also

I am enjoying being on Instagram, I need to try and get to grips with all the hashtags but other than that Ok.

It'[s been a good afternoon for gardening and got quite a bit of clearing up done. Busy busy. Well that's it from me today, need to get on with that hat

13 March 2016

Just what we needed

We have had an amazing weekend, different, fun, the same.  Some time together, some time apart.

The weekend was planned around me attending the Makelight Photography for Knitters workshop held by Emily Quinton.  It was a case of third time lucky. I cancelled the first time due to my father illness and ultimate death, the second time was cancelled due to Emily being ill, so it was good to finally get there.

We decided that we would stay over in London and wanted a base fairly close to the workshop.  Peter found a review for the Tulse Hill Hotel, so we gave it a go.  I am pleased to say it lived up to every word of the review.  The staff were so friendly and helpful.  The atmosphere lively. The food amazing.  The rooms very comfortable, all in all perfect, no complaints and would definately go back again. We arrived on Friday evening, went down for dinner and were presented with a bottle of wine courtesy of Rachel and Stuart, thank you guys it was very good.  

Saturday morning, Peter deposited me at the workshop and headed out for the Imperial War Museum, he had a good day, as did I.  I learnt more about the camera on my phone than I did my actual camera, but I also learnt a fair bit about making social media work for me, in particular Instagram - you can find me here. I will be posting a bit more there and have already picked up a few more followers today. The other ladies were all either knitwear designers or Etsy shop owners, so the social media aspect was more relevant to them than me.

Emily and Kate aka aplayfulday are passionate about taking good photographs and showed us how to use light, backgrounds and props to improve the overall look of our projects.  I took three shawl/scarves and some yarn along to photograph.

Here are some of the photos I took on the phone -

Followed by those I took on my camera. I actually think my phone ones are better, not sure I like the setting I was using on the camera. I may go back to intelligent auto - sorry Emily! Though I promise to have a play with all the setting and judge the results.

We were also given a luxury goody bag from Fyberspates, I will show you the contents in another post when I have taken some arty photos!

The workshop was really good fun and there was plenty to eat and drink also, so very good value for money.

Saturday evening, we had another really good meal, and so after a hearty breakfast this morning we were glad of a good walk.  The weather was amazing so left the train at Blackfriars and walked the southbank.  I never tire of this walk and the views and I know I have shared them many times. I will make no apology for repeating them.

Tate Modern

Along the river


In the queue for the bagels

All in all a brilliant weekend and then we came home to an empty house, our temporary lodgers have gone, no little girl to welcome us home, all very quiet, but we wish them well in their new home......... they still have lots of "stuff" here so I guess we will be seeing a bit more of them!